Automating CSMS for Type Approvals with Model-Based TARAs and Knowledge-Graphs

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Join us for a webinar on how to automate your CSMS to the next level by using a model-based approach to TARAs in combination with knowledge graphs.

During this webinar, we will explore cutting-edge approaches to elevate your cybersecurity management system, with a focus on the integration of model-based TARAs and knowledge graphs to automate your CSMS for type approvals. Additionally, they will explain why a model-based TARA solution is a smart investment for your automotive business, and present a CSMS maturity framework you can use to evaluate your company's level of automation.

Jonathan Mohring, President of itemis Inc., and Gerhard Steininger, Founding Partner of itemis Consulting, will host the session and share their expertise.


  • The power of combining model-based TARA tooling with knowledge graphs

  • Understand why investing in a model-based TARA solution will give you the competitive edge you need to succeed with our 20-50-90 Rule 

  • Gain insights into our CSMS maturity framework to assess your current level of automation and a basis for decision making

  • TARA integration and automation using an open exchange format for Security Analysis Models (openXSAM)

Don’t miss this opportunity! Whether you're a seasoned expert or just starting out in the field, this webinar will provide valuable insights to help you stay ahead of the curve.

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Gerhard Steininger

Gerhard Steininger

Gerhard Steininger is the Founding Partner itemis Consulting. Before joining itemis, he was a Senior Manager at Deloitte and gained extensive knowledge and experience in Vehicle Cyber Security with CSMS and Cyber Security Type Approvals. His main focus over the last 20 years was always the latest E/E development and E/E architectures in the automotive industry. He managed E/E related projects in all major European OEMs as well as Asia and US. At Dassault Systems he was E/E Automotive Director, where he was responsible for all MBSE and development of automotive engineering software solutions.

Speaker Jonathan Mohring

Jonathan Mohring
Jonathan Mohring currently serves as the President of itemis Inc. in the US, after having worked for more than two decades at Honda, Chrysler, and Daimler in Europe and the US. During his tenure at these companies, he played a crucial role in driving innovations in the areas of engineering IT, software automation, and data strategy. As the President of itemis Inc., he is accountable for overseeing all operations and customers in the US. He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo and an MBA in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Stuttgart.

Automating CSMS for Type Approvals with Model-Based TARAs and Knowledge-Graphs

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