Automotive SPICE 4.0: Clarifying the Impact on Hard- & Software Development

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This webinar offers a deep dive into Automotive SPICE 4.0, featuring insights from leading experts. Explore the standard's vital role and its implementation in the automotive industry, alongside a sneak peek into the latest version, 4.0.

  • Essentiality of Automotive SPICE - Uwe Grevinga from Deloitte: Discover why Automotive SPICE is a cornerstone in automotive development, highlighting its importance for quality and compliance.
  • Applying Automotive SPICE in Projects - Christoph Heckmann of itemis: Learn practical strategies for integrating Automotive SPICE into your projects, with examples to guide you.
  • Future with 4.0 - Christian Knüvener of Knüvener Mackert: Get insights into the updates of Version 4.0 and how they will shape the future. 

Elevate your development projects by understanding Automotive SPICE 4.0's impact.

Start enhancing your quality and innovation in automotive software and hardware development.

Watch the webinar recording to ensure your projects are at the forefront of the automotive industry.



Christian Knüvener

Christian Knüvener is a renowned Automotive SPICE expert with over a decade of experience in the automotive industry. He is a co-founder of intacs e.V. and remains on the Advisory Board today to support the continued development of SPICE. His expertise and passion for process acceptance and the pursuit of straightforward, easily explained solutions have made him a sought-after consultant. He assists companies in optimizing their development processes and achieving the highest quality standards. With comprehensive know-how in process management, quality management, and project management, he has guided numerous companies on how to maximize the benefits from Automotive SPICE.


Uwe Grevinga

Uwe Grevinga is an experienced Product Management Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the management consulting industry. Skilled in Product Lifecycle Management, Industry 4.0, Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, and People Management. Strong professional with a Diplom-Ingenieur focused in Maschinenbau from Fachhochschule Münster.


Christoph Heckmann

Having started his career as a software engineer and field application engineer for AUTOSAR MCAL at Renesas and Infineon, Christoph was project lead and lead systems engineer at Rheinmetall Automotive, where he took responsibility for the development of water pumps and ENG.2 and ENG.3 processes. At itemis Christoph is the team lead of one of our systems engineering teams. He has a solid understanding of ASPICE PAM 3.1 and PAM 4.0. He is process driven and has tailored several processes & methods to company needs with focus lean and tailored processes.

Automotive SPICE 4.0: Clarifying the Impact on Hard- & Software Development

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