Empowering Domain Experts: Building Easy-to-Use Online Modeling Tools With Modelix

Webinar Recording

This webinar recording showcases Modelix, an open-source project, that enables developers to build web applications that are specifically designed for domain experts and seamlessly integrate with established developer tools.

Traditional modeling workflows involve powerful desktop tools like JetBrains MPS.

Learning how to use these tools and setting them up can be difficult for less technical users.

The goal of Modelix is to make domain specific languages more accessible to non-developers by providing the user experience of a modern web application. At the same time we want to make modeling tools more powerful by moving them into a cloud infrastructure.

We will demonstrate

  • how Modelix leverages Kotlin Multiplatform and code generation to work with models in the browser and on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • how to replicate models with support for real-time collaboration
  • our model query language (ModelQL), a Kotlin DSL for efficiently working with large models and rendering HTML pages
  • how Modelix integrates with JetBrains MPS to combine the power of both platforms



Sascha LiรŸon

Sascha LiรŸon works as a Software Engineer at itemis since 2014. He has more than 10 years of experience with JetBrains MPS and worked on several plugins to extend its capabilities with a recent focus on integration into cloud and web environments. He initiated the Modelix project and is one of its main contributors.



Michael Huster

Michael Huster is a Software Engineer at itemis. He has an academic background in model-driven software engineering.

Since joining the Modelix team in early 2023, he has been an active contributor to the project.

Empowering Domain Experts: Building Easy-to-Use Online Modeling Tools With Modelix

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