Introduction to Rust – The Advantages and Where to Use It

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Rust empowers everyone to build reliable and efficient software.

Rust is an incredibly fast and memory-efficient programming language: it can run performance-relevant services without a runtime or garbage collector, it can easily integrate with other languages, and it runs on embedded devices.

Using Rust's rich type system and ownership model ensures both thread and memory safety in your code. This can catch and prevent a variety of errors during the compilation process.

There are hundreds of well-known companies, from startups to large enterprises, around the world using Rust in production today for fast, resource-efficient, cross-platform solutions. from embedded devices to scalable web services – Rust is a great solution.

In this 60-minute webinar, our experienced Rust developer will provide an overview of the following Topics:

  • What is Rust?
  • What makes Rust special?
  • Where to use it

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Silvia Hidri
Silvia Hidri is Sales Manager at itemis, responsible for overseeing the sales activities in our service competence centers specializing in IoT, Advanced Engineering, and Cloud & Enterprise.


Björn Barwinski
Björn Barwinski is an embedded software engineer at itemis who supports customers in implementing their product visions. With a focus on the field of IoT, he has developed firmware for various platforms from microcontrollers to embedded Linux. His special interest lies on new and emerging technologies in the field of embedded firmware development.

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