ISO/SAE 21434: What Motorcycle and ATV Companies Need to Know


Join us for a dynamic webinar on the upcoming UN Regulation No. 155, hitting the road on July 1st 2029. Discover how this regulation will revolutionize motorcycle cybersecurity, the challenges manufacturers face, and strategies for compliance.

Gain insights from the automotive industry and learn why it's crucial to prepare your organization to tackle the homologation challenge. As motorcycles rev up with cutting-edge tech and connectivity, this move is crucial in tackling emerging cyber threats head-on.

Webinar agenda:
  • UN155 Regulation: What it Means for the Motorcycle Industry and the path ahead.
  • Learning from real Stories: How successes in the Automotive Industry Can Inspire the Motorcycle Sector.
  • Sharing Practical Tips: Best Practices for Navigating UN155 Compliance.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Vulnerability Assessments & Maintenance.
  • Let's Chat: Engage in a Candid Q&A Session

Don't miss this chance to jumpstart your organization's transformation and compliance goals.

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Speaker Dirk Leopold

Dirk Leopold
Dirk Leopold is the Executive Vice President Digital Engineering and a senior expert in automotive cybersecurity at itemis AG. For the past 5 years at itemis, he has been focussing on automotive cybersecurity risk management including related regulations, norms, services, and products. Holding a degree in industrial engineering from the Technical University of Darmstadt, he has 25 years of professional experience in various industries and roles at the national and international levels.


Jonathan Mohring

Jonathan Mohring
Jonathan Mohring currently serves as the President of itemis Inc. in the US, after having worked for more than two decades at Honda, Chrysler, and Daimler in Europe and the US. During his tenure at these companies, he played a crucial role in driving innovations in the areas of engineering IT, software automation, and data strategy. As the President of itemis Inc., he is accountable for overseeing all operations and customers in the US. He obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toledo and an MBA in Technology and Innovation Management from the University of Stuttgart.


Natasha Gonzalez

Natasha Gonzalez
Natasha Gonzalez is a dynamic professional with a diverse background spanning automotive and cybersecurity industries. A proud graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, Natasha has gained her experience from reputable companies like Luxoft and Avira. Fueled by her passion to unite the realms of automotive and cybersecurity, she embarked on an exciting journey with itemis last year. As an Account Executive, she seamlessly integrates her expertise to champion our products and drive us forward amidst industry evolution.

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