Rapid State Machine Development in the Cloud with AI Co-Piloting


Embark on a journey of effortless state machine development with itemis CREATE Cloud Edition, a revolutionary platform designed for accessibility and simplicity. Say goodbye to installations and IDE complexities, as our cloud-based solution provides an easy-to-access environment for developers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Explore the core functionalities of itemis CREATE Cloud Edition, where modeling, validating, and simulating statecharts become intuitive processes. With a user-friendly interface, developers can effortlessly shape their ideas into robust statechart models while ensuring real-time validation for enhanced accuracy.

Witness the efficiency of code generation, seamlessly translating statechart models into executable code. Say farewell to the complexities of manual coding as itemis CREATE automates this process, boosting productivity and code quality.

Take your statecharts beyond development and into the hands of others by embedding executable statecharts into web content. Leverage itemis CREATE's innovative "Statechart Players" to make your statecharts accessible to a wider audience, facilitating collaboration and interaction.

Experience the collaborative potential of the AI Copilot, an intelligent assistant that enhances your modeling journey. From providing real-time suggestions to automating routine tasks, the AI Copilot ensures that your state machine development is not only efficient but also enriched with intelligent guidance.

Join us in this webinar to discover a cloud-based paradigm where state machine development becomes accessible, collaborative, and enhanced by AI intelligence. Unlock the full potential of itemis CREATE Cloud Edition and its AI Copilot, reshaping the way you approach, model, and share your statecharts.

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Axel Terfloth

Axel Terfloth has been a key member of itemis AG since 2006 and currently serves as the Product Owner of itemis CREATE. He earned his Master's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dortmund. During the last 25 years Axel has distinguished himself as an expert in Model Based Software Engineering. His deep understanding and innovative application of State Machines have been instrumental in the development and success of itemis CREATE.

With his profound knowledge in Model Based Software Engineering and extensive global connections, he is recognized as a distinguished speaker and a respected figure in the state machine community.

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Andreas Mülder

Andreas Mülder is a team lead and software engineer at itemis AG. He is focused on new technologies and tool creation. Adept with platforms like Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, and web applications, he is fluent in Angular, React, Vue, and backend technologies like Spring Boot. Experienced in generative AI, particularly with OpenAI and Azure, Andreas excels in large language models. As the technical project lead of itemis CREATE, he blends innovation with effective team collaboration.

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Rapid State Machine Development in the Cloud with AI Co-Piloting

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