Rapid State Machine Development and Unit Testing for Embedded Systems


Join us for an exclusive webinar that will transform your perspective on embedded systems development: "Rapid State Machine Development and Unit Testing for Embedded Systems” as we delve into the advanced functionalities of itemis CREATE, a modular tool designed for the easy development of state machines. The webinar begins with an in-depth introduction to the world of state machines, highlighting their critical importance in the realm of embedded systems.

Following this, Axel will provide an in-depth overview of itemis CREATE, demonstrating its capabilities through a practical example. The session will feature a case study on the Turn Signal Control application, showcasing the entire process from modeling the application using multiple state machines, to code generation, building, and unit testing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Foundational Understanding: Gain a solid grasp of state machine concepts and their relevance in embedded systems.
  • Efficiency in Development: Learn how 'itemis CREATE' streamlines the development process, enhancing speed without compromising quality.
  • Testing Methodologies: Understand best practices in unit testing to ensure reliable and robust system behavior.
  • Practical Application Skills: Acquire hands-on knowledge from the Turn Signal Control case study, seeing theoretical concepts put into real-world practice.
  • Innovation in Embedded Systems: Discover how 'itemis CREATE' is setting new standards in the development and testing of embedded systems.

This webinar recording is a must-watch for professionals in embedded systems, offering a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. It's an excellent opportunity to learn from an expert and gain insights into cutting-edge practices.

Dive deep into the world of state machines with "Rapid State Machine Development and Unit Testing for Embedded Systems." 

Register for our exclusive webinar recording "Rapid State Machine Development and Unit Testing for Embedded Systems" and learn how you can realize the potential of Rapid Statemachine Developement & Unit Testint for your embedded Systems!



Axel Terfloth

Axel Terfloth has been a key member of itemis AG since 2006 and currently serves as the Product Owner of itemis CREATE. He earned his Master's degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Dortmund. During the last 25 years Axel has distinguished himself as an expert in Model Based Software Engineering. His deep understanding and innovative application of State Machines have been instrumental in the development and success of itemis CREATE.
With his profound knowledge in Model Based Software Engineering and extensive global connections, he is recognized as a distinguished speaker and a respected figure in the state machine community.



Felix Lerche

Felix Lerche is Head of Inside Sales at itemis AG. He helps existing and prospective customers adopt model-based systems and software engineering approaches.


Rapid State Machine Development and Unit Testing for Embedded Systems

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