Smart Home Standard Matter –
Technical Aspects Explained

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Matter is branded as a secure protocol and its security and privacy features will be the center of attraction of our webinar. We will compare Matter to Zigbee, the process of product certification will be clarified, and we will show you how to build Matter on your device. This will undoubtedly aid in understanding how you get your own Matter products to market.

Our 45-minute webinar provides relevant information on

  • Technical Insight of Matter
  • Matter Compared to Zigbee
  • Security and Privacy Features
  • Building Matter

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Awais Khan
Awais works at itemis as a firmware developer in the IoT team. He has experience developing firmware for microcontrollers and FPGAs. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and a master's in media technology. He holds seven years of experience working on different embedded systems projects and smart-home IoT solutions. He won many international engineering project competitions in robotics and automation. He also worked on coding different audio and video codecs.


Aleksei Kabanov
Aleksei Kabanov has twenty years of experience in developing microcontroller-based devices. As a member of the NWAVE team, he received the "Cisco Big Award 2015" for the development of the parking lot monitoring system. He has an invention patented in the international patent organization.

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