Smart Home Standard Matter –
What Really Matters

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The Future-Defining Smart Home Standard Is Here! Are You Prepared?

An increasing number of Smart Home solution providers are emerging to get the market share. This has led to exclusivity within the ecosystem. The product from one manufacturer only works under their own ecosystem.

To cope with the challenges of interoperability and security, Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) and big names of the industry came together to define new connectivity standards to solve the interoperability challenges, under the name of MATTER.

Our 30-minute webinar provides relevant information on

  • What Matter is
  • Why it is relevant
  • Current status of interoperability

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Paul Targosz
Paul Targosz works at itemis in Lünen as a firmware developer. Prior to itemis, he worked for years on different embedded and industrial internet of things projects with specialization in bus systems, compile-time optimization, power consumption, and freerunning postmodern C++. Through his experience, he has also been a speaker at several conferences and local events. He supports customers in their projects in the field of IoT Systems & Smart Home Applications.


Aleksei Kabanov
Aleksei Kabanov has twenty years of experience in developing microcontroller-based devices. As a member of the NWAVE team, he received the "Cisco Big Award 2015" for the development of the parking lot monitoring system. He has an invention patented in the international patent organization.

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