YAKINDU Statechart Tools Deep Java Integration

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Do you intend to use YAKINDU Statechart Tools for Java development?

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YAKINDU Statechart Tools

The integration allows you to import existing Java classes and interfaces into the statechart. The most important advantages are:

  • You can use imported Java classes, interfaces and enums as types for your statechart variables.
  • You can access all public and static members, like variables and methods directly from the statechart. This avoids lots of boilerplate code.
  • Java methods that are used in your statechart will be called during simulation. This avoids the cumbersome mocking of return values in the simulation view.

Your benefits:

  • You will get a product license for YAKINDU Statechart Tools with a validity of 3 months and therefore access to all Pro features of the tool.
  • With your feedback you can take part in shaping the feature.

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