YAKINDU Traceability

Explore YAKINDU Traceability

The free tool demo consists of a traceability scenario with a selection of our tool adapters and artifact types that are typical in a software development setting,

  • Stakeholder requirements and software requirements in Microsoft Word documents
  • SW qualification test specifications in Excel spreadsheets
  • SW unit implementations in C source code files
  • SW qualification test results in XML files, and more.

Observe YAKINDU Traceability extracting artifacts from all these and many other document types using its unique and flexible adapter architecture.

Please note that our tool demo is set up in an exemplary configuration and is capable of connecting to many more tools, also external ones like IBM DOORS and PTC Integrity. Try out YAKINDU Traceability in the context of your project environment and request a custom tool trial here.

We offer the tool demo for Windows, but YAKINDU Traceability is available for other platforms (Linux & MacOS) as well. If you are working on a different OS, contact us.

Download our showcase