YAKINDU Solidity

The free to use, open source YAKINDU-Solidity-IDE provides an integrated development environment for ethereum / solidity based smart contracts.

It features all goodies you can expect from a professional IDE including:

  • code completion
  • quick fixes
  • templates
  • live validation
  • outline
  • code navigation
  • semantic highlighting
  • solidity compiler integration
  • and much more!

As an Eclipse-based IDE, YAKINDU Solidity can easily be integrated into you existing toolchain.


The source code of YAKINDU-Solidity-IDE is provided under the Eclipse-Public-License.

Note that YAKINDU-Solidity-IDE is in early beta state and we give no warranty on the correctness of any output it produces. If you find a bug or have a feature request please use our issue tracker to report it.

Download YAKINDU Solidity now