YAKINDU Statechart Tools is a powerful toolkit for developing state machines. The Professional Edition goes beyond.

  • Do you require even better integration with your C or Java code?
  • Do you need better unit testing facilities?
  • Do you need to develop MISRA compliant C code?
  • Do you need more elaborated documentation and examples?
  • Are you also interested in support?

Then you should take a look at the upcoming Pro Edition and put your fingers on it. It is available for beta testing.  

Available Beta Features

The current beta version is not feature complete yet but we provide it for evaluation in order to get your feedback. This helps us to adjust our development to your needs. The main features of the Pro Edition Beta are

  • provides a 'deep C integration' of statecharts with your handwritten code
  • along with a fully integrated C IDE (based on Eclipse)
  • adds breakpoint and snapshot features to the statechart simulation
  • and provides more documentation and tutorials.

Deep C Integration

When creating a new state machine model you can enable direct C access. It is possible to import C header files and get access to all declared functions, variables and C types. This also includes your custom structs, unions and enumerations.

Deep C integration

Of course, popular and well-known editor features like syntax highlighting, proposals, validation markers etc. work as before. Statecharts will feel like a natural extension to the C language and writing a bunch of glue code will become obsolete.

Simulation Breakpoints

It is possible now to set breakpoints on transitions and states. If a breakpoint is hit, the simulation engine suspends before the transition or the state is executed. It is even possible to specify conditional breakpoints.

 Simulation breakpoints

Simulation Snapshots

Another great new feature we developed is simulation snapshots. During simulation, you can take a simulation snapshot of the current execution state via the "Snapshot view". These snapshots can be restored at any time which simplifies the process of statechart debugging significantly.

Simulation snapshots


YAKINDU Professional Edition comes with professional support and guaranteed response times.